Founded by master trainer and wellness expert Darci Brawley in 2009, Pilates on Purpose is a boutique studio offering Pilates, yoga, and other mindful movement practices, all with an emphasis on physical and mental well-being.


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The Pilates method of exercise was invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1930's. While Joseph treated soldiers in World War II, he realized that his methods of stretching and strengthening improved the overall health and recovery of the soldiers without overexertion.  This combined with his rearing by a prize-winning gymnast father and a naturopath mother lead to his philosophy of attaining and maintaining physical and mental perfection.

A blend of the physical and mental, Pilates builds strength from the inside out. With attention on breath initiation, the Core (a band of muscles that wrap around your abdomen, back, and pelvic floor) is contracted.  Can you say Kegel, Anyone?  A fit Kegel muscle attributes to bladder control and exaltation... get my gyst?  A fit Core is the foundation to strength and stability in the spine to not only help prevent injury but to promote one in being balanced, stronger, and faster.   One is better prepared for the simple, daily tasks of bending and lifting to fulfilling the adventures on their bucket list.


Joseph inspired a philosophy of "Controllogy."  Key to the practice of this philosophy is the mind and body connection. Exercising in this way creates intention and purpose for each movement and then as one movement flows into another...Hence the name PILATES ON PURPOSE.

Being mindful of  where a movement initiates and the supporting muscles of each exertion helps in more effectively working the muscles. One is now using the mind and body in concert!

There is  power in the ability to move the body with balance and fluid movement. Now consider the breath. Realize the power of the mind's ability to control respiration whereby slowing metabolic processes...We can slow the heart rate, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, resulting in slowing the aging process! Are you hearing me? 


The Reformer machines have spring resistance that can be supportive in movements that a person would not normally be able to execute or resistive when desiring to further tax the muscle.  This allows more flexibility in being able to accommodate clients of extremely varied physiques and skill level.  This is very different than working with weights that provide a fixed resistance.  The Reformer Pilates equipment stretches, varying the load throughout the exertion. This constant change resembles how our body works every day.

In Pilates your mind and body work together to focus on quality of movement not just the quantity.  Quality is achieved through focusing on the abdominal  contraction and postural stabilization.  The control one gains through the practice of these techniques is amazing.  The results are a stronger, taller posture, looking more youthful,less or no back pain, improved mobility and flexibility, ability to get up and down from the floor, bend over tie your shoes, pick up your golf ball... and don't forget that bucket list of adventures awaiting you!

With over 600 exercises in Pilates, it is no wonder people rarely lose interest.  Pilates on Purpose offers a wide variety of apparatus to only extend the enjoyment of this practice:  convertible trap table, reformers, electric chair, half barrel, ballet bar, and more. The possibilities and variety are endless!

To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limits of our ability.
— Joseph H. Pilates