Pilates on Purpose Class Offerings!

At Pilates on Purpose, we are proud to offer a variety of classes that challenge your body in different ways while also helping to clear and calm your mind as well! We have designed a schedule that features different disciplines of Pilates, Yoga, and beyond taught by a team of seasoned instructors so that you are always participating in a work out that is different, interesting, and fun!

Here is a little sneak peek at our classes. 

Reformer Intro – A beginner level class designed for those new to Pilates and/or rehabilitating from injury or strain. This classes focuses on strength building and core muscle cultivation while also teaching the foundations of the Pilates reformer. A challenging, but doable class to start on your journey deeper into Pilates. 

Reformer Pilates – An intermediate to advanced class designed for individuals who are familiar with Pilates Reformer classes and are looking for a new and challenging sequence of moves! Grow your strength and endurance, and also learn to breathe and find your calm through the burn!

Pilates Circuit – This intermediate to advanced level class is built for those students who have experience with all the Pilates apparatuses. This class includes work on the Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, and Mat. You can expect a full body work out that is unique and different every time! Stay tuned – even more fun toys to play with in this class soon!

Yogalates – This hybrid class is an all levels offering that blends all the best parts of Pilates Mat Work and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. In this class you will find unique challenges and an opportunity to tap into your zen through breath work. 

Yoga Flow – An intermediate to advanced level class in the Hatha/Vinyasa yoga style combines static postures with fluid movements, challenging all parts of the body, cultivating stamina, strength, and balance, as well as a mind-body connection with breath work. 

Ballet Conditioning – An all levels class featuring simplified barre technique and center floor work with Pilates based core exercises to lengthen and strengthen the muscles. 

With all of these offerings, we are sure you will find classes that work all that you want to work and have some fun too! Stay tuned for more news about other special class offerings and add ons that will be coming this year!