Stay Strong 2018!

Wow! A whole month of 2018 complete! We know that the first month of the year is a month of change, setting intentions and goals, and launching off after those intentions and goals. As we close out January and move onto February, we wanted to give you some quick health tips and encouragement to keep you going strong throughout all of the 2018.

Keep on Burning –

Make sure you are continuing to do some sort of exercise, whatever that looks like. As our founder Darci always says, “The best exercise is the one you will do.” Find the work outs and exercise classes that you enjoy and do those. At Pilates on Purpose, we obviously love Pilates and like that our classes offer a diversity of movements to always keep it fun and interesting. Maybe you’ll find something with us that you’ll enjoy and come back time and again.

Eat! –

 Everyone is focused on eating right in the New Year, it’s the same thing every year. The key here is to remember that you absolutely should EAT! Eating healthy is not synonymous with not eating. Fill your body with foods that propel you forward and make you feel good. And of course, a little indulgence now and again is healthy too! Food is one of the best parts of life!

Focus on Your Lifestyle, Not Your Number –

It’s important to remember that being healthy is a lifestyle that you cultivate to help you feel strong and healthy for all walks of life. The number on the scale or on the dress tag is secondary. Make sure you are making choices that support a lifestyle of wellness and everything else will fall into place.

Our team at Pilates on Purpose is all about helping you make healthy choices and live your best life! Make sure you visit it us to get your sweat on and talk about your goals to get support from us!