National Pilates Day - Saturday May 5th!

Saturday, May 5th is National Pilates Day! Yes, Pilates gets it's own holiday, and it really does deserve it. What makes this form of exercise so incredible?

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930's. After treating soldiers in World War II, Joseph realized his method of stretching and strengthening really helped to support overall health and well being. Inspired, he decided to bring Pilates and all it's benefits to the larger world. A blend of the physical and the mental, Pilates builds strength from the inside out. The breath and movements of Pilates are designed to elongate and tone muscles, lubricate joints, and calm the mind.

Now, millions of people have fallen in love with this incredible form of movement. We are honored to offer Pilates to our community.

We're celebrating this National Pilates Day in all of our Saturday, May 5th classes which will feature an incredible Pilates work outs followed by light refreshments & snacks! We hope you come celebrate with us!