Pilates On Purpose


We are Pilates on Purpose. Where the focus is on you and your personal fitness goals. We meet you... Wherever you are now... We can be your guide to the next level. Whether your goal is to improve your posture, balance, or increase your performance at your particular sport. Pilates-based programs detect weakness and provide a process for balance and increase function. In studio, in-home or on location.

At our gym, you will coached on how to use Pilates aparatus, which help you redefine your movement patterns; this corrects your posture, the way you walk, it gives you an awareness of your body's strengths and weaknesses.

Our mission is a personal, professional approach to inspire and assist each client to a higher level of fitness; focusing on posture, balance, strength & muscle control, and range of motion. Taking into account each individual lifestyle, time and personal preferences, we design our programs for you... We don't expect you to fit into ours. NO CLASS TO MAKE, NO CROWDS, NO COMPETITION, NO HASSLE. WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE?? WE WANT TO KNOW.

Overview of Services

The Barre Method
Get great legs using the Barre Method. Either in our studio, or at your location.

Improve your posture, and your appearance through Pilates.

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