**All classes are 55 minutes long

Classes Now Featuring Bellicon Rebounders!

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Reformer Intro/Fundamentals: Beginner

Designed for those that are new to Pilates or post rehabilitating from injury. This class will focus on building strength and stabilizing core muscle group while learning to perform reformer exercises suitable for most individuals.  Learning proper breathing, form and muscle function will be an integral part of class. 


Reformer Pilates

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Designed for individuals that have prior experience with Reformer/Tower apparatus. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of proper form, function and breath. Exercises will be formatted into sequences to give you a complete full body workout experience.

Pilates Circuit

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Our Pilates Curcuit class is designed for those individuals experienced on all Pilates apparatuses. Class will include a combination of Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair and Mat Work. Participants will work through a multiple series of exercise sequences at a moderate to fast pace.


Level: All Levels

This class is a perfect blend of all your favorite aspects of yoga and Pilates mat work. Our format will focus on core strength, balance and flexibility. Small props will be utilized to increase form and intensity. Suitable or all levels. Class will incorporate breathing and relaxation.

Yoga Flow

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Hatha/Vinyasa style of yoga will be incorporated together to create a balance between flowing and static sequences. Participants willdevelop their practice of asanas at their own level and pace. Proper breathing, alignment,  muscle utilization and relaxation will be taught. 

Ballet Conditioning

Level: All Levels

Class format is ballet based with simplified barre technique, center floor work with Pilates based core exercises to develop long, lean, strong muscles. Small props, bands and stability balls will be utilized to strengthen and tone small and large muscle groups. This class will bring out the dancer in every body. Designed for all levels.

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.
— Joseph H. Pilates