Darci Brawler

Darci Brawler

Darci Brawley, Founder

Darci Brawley is a certified Pilates Instructor with more than 15 years experience in rehabilitation, apparatus work and Allegro through Balanced Body and Polestar Education. She is a is also a certified Personal Trainer through IDEA and AFA and a certified group exercise instructor.

Darci received certification in 1995 for Pilates Post Rehabilitation and apparatus Balance Body and Polestar education, and certification in 2002 for Pilates allegro reformer with Polestar education.

Darci has since continued her Pilates education through Stotts, Polestar, and the Physical Mind Institute. She has spent the last five years coupled with a physical therapy group using the Pilates methodology for rehabilitation for MS, and various spinal and orthopedic injuries.

  Stacy Chang

Stacy Chang

Stacy Chang

Stacy Chang received her Pilates certification from Orange Coast College's Pilates and Dance Conditioning program. Stacy has a dance background in classical ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. Movement has been a large aspect of her life since early childhood beginning with gymnastics.

She was first introduced to Pilates in her early teens through dance. Stacy attended college and danced in the San Francisco Bay Area as guest dancer with Anima Mundi Dance Company, Kelly McCann, and Suhaila Salimpour. It wasn't until after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University that Stacy returned back to Southern California where she was raised.

Stacy endured many years of chronic pain from injuries that were eventually relieved through Pilates, and found herself guided to teach. She is a firm believer that most of our physical pain can be reduced or diminished through balancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Stacy is, also, a Reiki Master and teacher, and practices various energy healing modalities.

Veronica Vixen

Veronica Vixen is a Stott certified Pilates instructor with special focus on injuries, populations, and the mind body connection. Involved in a myriad of sports, yoga and dance in her youth, Veronica loved the changes she saw in her body that were directly related to adding Pilates into her life.

She loves how the diverse demographic that Pilates can address from the young to old, from the rehabilitating to the athlete! Veronica believes and personally experienced Pilates as a primary rehabilitation tool in providing a speedy and successful recovery from a broken bone.

She feels truly lucky to be able to share the gift of Pilates each day!


Deva Tanner

Born and raised in New Orleans, then graduating with a BA from the University of New Orleans, Deva received his Pilates certification in 2004. He continued his passion for learning more about health by becoming a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Therapist in 2005. His pursuit for more continued with a year in Germany practicing as a monk. Along the way Deva has also studied acupressure and massage.

Now with Pilates on Purpose, Deva brings a strong, yet gentle and harmonious technique in helping each client connect to the foundation of their body.

A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy callisthenics or forced contortion.
— Joseph H. Pilates